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Affiliate Prophet Review, is Affiliate Prophet a scam? If you are nonetheless thinking whether Affiliate Prophet is worth purchasing or not, you should stay with me to check several Affiliate Prophet reviews that have been posted online. Check all these user reviews and find the truth with regards to Affiliate Prophet, does it really work or not? Let us take a closer look at that.

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Affiliate Prophet - The Missing Piece to The Affiliate Marketing Puzzle Attention Affiliate Marketers: If you did not make an easy $500 to $5,000 profit last month, here's how to guarantee that you will next month... Revolutionary 'Profit-Predicting' Software Almost Instantly Uncovers Sure-Money Affiliate Program & Keywords That You Can Plug-In & Profit Today ! Skeptical?... With the steady flood of BS cramming your inbox these days, I don't blame you... That's why I'm going to show you EXACTLY how this software took a flat-lined affiliates web page and shocked it alive pumping $3,579 a month overnight. Best Part... You can download this software today and immediately launch the most profitable affiliate campaign of your life! Keep reading and discover... How to create $100 a day affiliate campaign whenever you want... so that you can have as many affiliate websites that provide you a steady passive income . Immediately transform ANY of your dead affiliate website to a steady income stream that pumps out hundreds or thousands per month with just a simple copy & paste to your webiste How to uncover a list of "hidden" keywords that no one else will be using. You'll pay far less for the hot clicks your competition never even sees... Peek under the hood of other affiliate pages to find out what's working before you go live. Steal the best headlines and keywords to guarantee high commissions... From Peter Yoon November 5, 2008 Dear Affiliate Marketer, This affiliate marketing thing was supposed to be easy. And apparently it is... for some people. Every day there's a new story about some rookie who raked in tens of thousands from his very first affiliate campaign... Meanwhile, you're sitting in front of your computer, constantly refreshing your accounts and making less than it costs to drive PPC to the product. Or worse yet... A Big Fat Goose Egg! But You've Done Everything Right. Why Aren't You Making Money? You chose a popular product from , drove traffic using PPC and search engines... and then even applied every bag of tricks from the latest and most popular affiliate marketing ebooks... But what aren't you making any money while some people do it so easily? I've been in this situation before and know exactly how it feels like but today that's all about to change. lways remember that failing the part of process that leads you to success, and your failure and frustration led you to here... to this letter. Hi I'm Peter Yoon. I make a full-time affiliate marketer who only works few hours per week. I don't make millions of dollars but it sure gives me a life style that I want. For example, my wife is pregnant with our second child and I feel so blessed that I can be with her and play with my son any time. "Locates the $100/day winners with far more ease (and far less cost) than ever before" "By far the easiest business in the world is "Google Cash" affiliate marketing - buying traffic on Google Adwords, and sending it through an affiliate link. The only problem with this method is testing - in fact, you may need to go through 10 campaigns before you hit on that elusive $100/day winner.Or at least that used to be the problem. Now, with Conversion Prophet you can slash your tests down to just a handful of clicks - allowing you to locate the $100/day winners with far more ease (and far less cost) than ever before. The hard, expensive part is now cheap and easy - all that's left is to follow the CP formula and cash those checks....thanks for coming up with such an original, easy to use piece of software Peter - my members will definitely appreciate this..." — Chris McNeeney www.dayjobkiller.com www.djkassassin.com "Forever changed the way I look at Internet marketing" "I decided to give Conversion Prophet a try on my recent product launch with Joel Comm. The results were nothing short of fantastic. Not only did Peter’s Conversion Prophet software make all the difference to our launch, but it has forever changed the way I look at Internet marketing. Using this program we were able to DOUBLE our conversion rate in one day... I installed the program in under 10 minutes, and was seeing results in the statistics area almost immediately. Peter designed it with the user in mind, and it has a very simple, easy-to-understand interface. And what surprised me more than anything is how fun it was. Because of the intuitive “pre-conversion” statistics that are built into the program, you can start seeing results right away, even if you’re not getting very much traffic . To be able to get that kind of instant feedback and make adjustments to improve the page was very gratifying." — Eric Holmlund www.EricsTips.com You may have heard of me before. If you haven't, I'm a creator of Conversion Prophet, a conversion predicting software that changed hundreds of lives including mine. I used Conversion Prophet to immediately double the conversion rate of the sales letter that I used to sell a niche ebook. It went from $0 to $1,500 per month literally overnight. It was such a breakthrough for me that I made the software available to the public. And it changed the life of people who used it as well. But, what does this have to do with Affiliate Marketing? Everything! From $0 to $3,579.82 a Month In The First 30 Days From Nothing When I applied Conversion Prophet to affiliate marketing the result was even better! It took my flat-lined affiliate website to make $3,579.82 in the very first month and still generates over $3,000 per month after a year later... without any effort at all. I don't have to create a product. I can just promote an affiliate program... apply Conversion Prophet to transform the new campaign to pump out additional hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. I can basically set it up and forget it and money would keep roll in. You can see why I became affiliate marketer after that. And that's why I transformed Conversion Prophet into an affiliate-driven and much more powerful.... Affiliate Prophet "The No-Fail Affiliate Marketing System" Creates $100 a Day Campaign on Demand Tell you exactly where the money is ... immediately using the revolutionary AIDA Formula. Skyrockets conversions on all affiliate campaigns Quickly transforms worthless sites to earning $2000 a month Doesn't give other affiliates a fighting chance against you Every affiliate campaign I launched using Affiliate Prophet became profitable. But the best part is that.. It doesn't matter how little traffic you have It doesn't matter how little money you have It doesn't matter how little time you have It doesn't matter if you are newbie or not It doesn't matter how suck you are at PPC and affiliate marketing In other words Affiliate Prophet is a perfect solution for marketers with little or no experience, low budget, and wants to make profits quickly It that sounds like a hype then pay a close attention to what I'm about to explain you. It's a revolutionary concept that could change your life. With Affiliate Prophet's Exclusive AIDA Formula All the Risk is Completely Wiped Out! With Affiliate Prophet's revolutionary AIDA formula, you can immediately predict which affiliate program, which headlines, subheads, and keywords were converting best and used them to instantly build the ultimate affiliate landing page! Using AIDA formula, you can accurately guess and compare which keywords or webpage converts better even if visitor doesn't buy or take any actions . Thus it allows you to get the testing results accurately and extremely quickly with only few visitors, slashing cost and time dramatically. To get a better idea of how pre-tracking works, take a look at this screenshot below. The last 4 columns are pre-tracking results. (Familiar with AIDA formula? Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It tracks each of these four elements.) (Typical Tracking Stat) (Pre-Tracking Stat. Utilizes AIDA Formula) "Predicts" Which Keyword Works Even Before Any Sale or Action is Made! The AIDA formula provides an accurate indication of how effective each keyword is, since it's almost directly proportional to the conversion rate. AIDA stats are based in the amount of time your visitors are engaged with your sales copy, as the more time they put their attention in your sales copy and the more likely it's that they'll buy. Anyway, why is this information useful? Because you can almost immediately find out the interest level with only few visitors. To accurately determine the conversion rate, one has to take at least 10 to 100 actions (be it sales, opt-ins, etc), which means you need thousands of visitors, which equal advertising costs and a considerable amount of time. But as you can see above, for keywords with low clicks, you can already see and predict how well each keyword is going to perform just by looking at "interest level" column. So instead of 100 actions (or 10,000 visitors for 1% conversion rate) you only need 100 visitors to start making money! Let me demonstrate with a real-life examples how pre-tracking can help you make money like nothing you've ever seen or heard. A Real Case Study of How Affiliate Prophet Transformed My One-Paged Website From $0 to $3,579.82/Month Here's what I did. I simply copy & pasted few code on to my landing page. And just a few visitors later... I Knew Exactly Which of My Bid Keywords I Should Keep and Which Ones to Drop Even Before They Made Any Sale ! (I dropped all the red ones and kept the green ones. My income went from $0 to $2000 a month after just doing this. Can't get any easier than that!) I Immediately Knew My Most Profitable Traffic Sources (Tracks referred website, bid keyword, and the actual searched keywords all at the same time) I Immediately Discovered the Words That Triggers People's Emotional Hot Button (This is Where the Real Money Is) (You are just a click away from finding the most profitable words. I never would've known keywords containing the word "best" converts 12.5%. And same goes for words "ebay", "china", "products", "reviews" and so on) I Knew Which Country to Include and Exclude from Adwords I Knew Which Landing Page Was Most Profitable (You know which landing page is making you most money plus a lot more) This Entire Process Took Me 15 Minutes! In 15 minutes, I created $3,579.82 a month income stream. (Not bad for a return on investment.) And $3,579.82 is not counting the extra money I make on the back-end with Adsense and other affiliate programs. I'm just including my commission. $3,579.82 a month that I created in 15 minutes is what most people earn working 40 hours a week . I invested justed 15 minutes just once and my income is completely on autopilot! Proof of My Earning (One of my account for affiliate marketing) (Another of my account for Affiliate Marketing) I do have few other accounts but those are primarily for selling my own product. Here's a proof that I'm really making good money promoting just one affiliate program. Stat from August 2007 (Last Year) (Proof that I can make a living promoting just one Affiliate Program) Stat From August 2008 (This Year) (A year later this campaign is doing even better. (And I haven't touched anything for a year) If You're Not Using Affiliate Prophet, You Are Leaving $100's of Dollars on the Table Everyday You'd be shocked at how many people waste their money. A lot of people make AdWords much harder than it needs to be. They spend far too much on keywords that don't convert well. They completely miss the "emotional trigger hot button" keywords and waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Or you have the other people - the ones who worry themselves with making spreadsheets filled with thousands upon thousands of terms. They make all kinds of complicated rocket-science formulas, test out mis-spellings of keywords, use thesauruses to find out comparable words, etc... And to me - that's just too much work. Especially if you're starting out. I'm all about working smarter, not harder. That's why my system is simple but extremely potent. It'll weed out bad keywords within hours so you can make money from the very start. Some of the keywords it'll help you find are going to be absolute gems. You'll only have to pay pennies on the dollar for them. You might not get thousands per click, but you can easily earn 500x your investment back. How's That For A Trade? For... Imagine what you'd do with 100 pennies? 1000? To be completely honest, sometimes you won't find penny keywords. The system will show you keywords that you might have to bid $1+ on... and you'll still double or triple (or more!) your return. "Affiliate Prophet Isn't Just Limited to Affiliate Marketing. It's the Most Easy-to-Use and Most Powerful Testing & Tracking System Today" Truth is that affiliate prophet does hell of a lot more than what people expect. I can't even explain everything Affiliate Prophet has to offer but I'll try my best to summarize as short as I can. AP Fast Money Maker #1 "AIDA Formula Tracker" "Pinpoints what exactly makes money even before it makes money" Pinpoint and accurately predicts the profitability of anything before sale is made. You don't have to even know about this as Affiliate Prophet gives you "green" or "red" lights based on AIDA. In other words, you don't have to even think! (Tells you immediately which keyword is making visitors stick) You get 10 to 100 times faster and accurate result. That means you can start making money 10 to 100 times faster than normal! You need less than 20 clicks (without sales) to test your landing page and keywords accurately. Optmizes your landing page, keywords, and your overall campaign in the quickest way possible . Bottom line: It allows you to money quickly. AP Fast Money Maker #2 "Quick Affiliate Tracker" "Track Everything with Simple Copy & Paste" Just copy & paste couple codes on your landing page and you are on your way to make some money. That's it! Tracks exactly which keywords made you commission. You can insert tracking ID (TID for and SID for CJ) dynamically on to your landing page. (Every affiliate sale will have a tracking ID which you can easily import into Affiliate Prophet software) You can easily import stat or any of your customized sales report. It automatically adjust your timezone to match with so your data is dead accurate. AP Fast Money Maker #3 "Easy Split-Tester" "Tests as many elements as you wish and gets instant result to improve conversion quickly" You can test any two or three page at the same time. You can split-test as much headline, sub headline, header graphics, background color, fonts, price, etc... in matter of few visitors to your website with AIDA tracking. Real-Life Example I personally used this to test dozens of different headline so fast it increased the conversion rate of our landing page by 200% in one day . Here's how it's done. I came up with 3 headlines I wanted to test, put up some PPC ads, and after 169 visitors, Affiliate Prophet was predicting that headline #1 was going to be the most profitable one. (After few visitors, I already know which of the 3 headlines is the best one: The first headline was read the most at the rate of 78.6%) Then, after 4,512 visitors the Affiliate Prophet stats confirmed the predictions of headline #1, which was indeed the most profitable one , outpulling the second best headline by a whopping 23%. So, if I had focused on just running headline #1, I'd have gotten 95 sales (at the conversion rate of 2.1% for headline #1 and 4,512 visitors in total), which is 14 sales more. Since I sold our product in $67, that means I would have gotten an extra $938 just by focusing our efforts in the headline Affiliate Prophet predicted was the best. (This stats prove that headline #1 was the most effective, a fact which I wouldn't have known right from the beginning without Affiliate Prophet) Indeed, the first headline came out to be the best one in both conversion and attention rate. Now, let's breakdown what I just accomplished... With only 150 visitors I discovered which of the three headline is the best attention grabbing headline... accomplishing the crucial first step of the AIDA process. If I hadn't used AIDA formula on the headlines, I could've never known the first headline was the winner. At that point, I either had to drive more traffic or guess and go with the 2nd headline because it had the most sales. (By the way, the 2nd headline came out to be the worst headline at the end.) 150 visitors is all it took for me to find out the best headline. Who knows how many visitors I needed without AIDA tracking. Probably a few thousand. How Much Time & Money Did I Save? Let's do a table comparison of AIDA tracking vs traditional split testing for this headline test I did. The headlines together converted at 1.8%. I got around 100 visitors per day with a cost of 15 cents per click (visitor). and we need 30 actions as the minimum amount of sales to determine a statistically significant (i.e. fairly accurate) conclusion, let's do the comparison... Testing 3 Different Versions of Headline Normal Split-Testing AIDA Split-Testing Actions required per headline 32 don't need! Visitors for each headline 1504 56 Total visitors required 4512 169 Number of days to test 45 days 40 hours Total PPC cost $676.80 just $25.35 (Result breakdown of AIDA tracking and Split-Testing) As you can see, I just saved $651.45 in testing costs, but even more importantly, saved over 43 days (or 6 weeks)! Or if are a testing junkie like me, you could test hundreds and hundreds of headlines with the same $676.80 and 45 days. And it doesn't stop at headlines... you can test any element you wish... background color, opening paragraph, call to action, testimonials, post scripts, pictures, or any other element... with Conversion Prophet the sky is the limit. AP Fast Money Maker #4 "The Affiliate Spy" (AP Exclusive Tool) "Spies and Manipulates Affiliate Programs" Affiliate Spy is a much improved version of "Affiliate Landing Page Creator" ($197 value) You can test and compare 1-3 different affiliate programs at the same time while making money with laser accuracy using AIDA formula. (After few clicks you know which of the two affiliate program will make you more money before any sale was made) Immediately pinpoint the profitably of any affiliate program you choose Even measure the profitability of a headline of an affiliate program. This is a good way to swipe other people’s successful headline You can change the destination landing page of your affiliate link to any page your want! And still get credit for commission. (Not good for you since majority of your traffic never get to the sales letter) (Affiliate Spy make sure that 100% of your visitors get to see the sales letter) If you don’t like an affiliate link taking to a name-capture page, no problem. You can make your affiliate link take to the sales letter for higher conversion rate and still get affiliate commission (Even better, you can replace with your own name capture page!) AP Fast Money Maker #5 "Dynamic Landing Page Creator" "Forces better quality score and conversion rate" Dynamically insert keyword string to your landing page. You can either insert keyword in adgroup level or individual keyword level Practically forces your landing pages to convert better because your landing page is more targeted to your visitors For example, if your site is on dog training and someone does a search for "how to train German Shepherds", as soon as they land onto your page, it'll say "All About How To Train German Shepherds!" If they search for "dog training", it'll say "All About Dog Training!" Take a look at my example... http://www.dropshipperscams.com/?kwd=DVD http://www.dropshipperscams.com/?kwd=Clothing Not only does this relevancy get people to feel more comfortable with your site (you're using their terminology which is a very potent psychological strategy) and increase your conversions, but it also increases your quality score with Google - which means you pay less per click. Boost Google quality score by making your landing page relevant to keyword AP Fast Money Maker #6 "Profit-Guaranteed" Keyword Finder " Everything you need to know about keywords to make most money & maximize your ROI" Pinpoints which keyword made you money Pinpoints which keyword WILL make you money even before it made you money Immediately measure keyword targetedness so you can filter out loser right from the beginning (Keep the green keywords, drop the red keywords. Simple!) Green light and red light indicator for all keywords . Simply drop red keywords, and keep the green ones. Your campaign will be much more profitable guaranteed As soon as you copy and paste a simple code on your landing page, the Affiliate Prophet will tell you right from the get-go what the losers are (even if you don't make any sales) so you can immediately drop them. The system will display either a "red light" or a "green light" right away. All you do is drop the red keywords and keep the green ones, and you're well on your way to ultra-lucrative campaigns. The system will also tell you in a heartbeat if you should drop or increase your PPC bids so that you get the ultimate return on investment. Tracks Adwords Content Network to website and keyword level! Even Google Analytics doesn't do this. (Tells you w hich website to include and exclude for content network traffic) Tracks website, bid keyword and actual searched keyword all at the same time. Sorts every keyword stat by keywords, clicks, sales, conversion rate, AIDA stat, etc. Allows you to view keyword statistic for any date-span you choose Pinpoints profitability of keyword that contains any word that you choose. (People typing "ebay" on Google) Pinpoints the hidden, profit-guaranteed words that triggers emotional hot button. You cannot find using any other software. You’d want to bid these keyword higher than other ones. Tracks which hour of the day makes your most money. (I never knew my most profitable traffic comes between 12noon to 8pm) Tracks which country makes you money and which country is wasting your money Tracks AIDA for all these features above More Extra Features! Creates and tracks unlimited campaigns and unlimited clicks across multiple domains with just one installation. No need to install for each domain you track. Tracks multiple actions . For example, you can track optin rate, sales conversion rate, upsell rate all at the same time. You can also use it to pinpoints where your sales leaks are You can customize which of 15 different stats to display from clicks, AIDA, to visitor values. Categorize each of your campaigns to organize your business. Your data is 100% private unless you want to share Reliable and robust stats you can count on Ability to customize visitor time-tracking levels Confidence interval stat that tells you how accurate and precise your stat is. No monthly fee (unless you use our 100% uptime server) Uses php/mysql and can handle millions of clicks in less than 1 seconds. Doesn't utilize much server resources so you can even install it on shared hosting without having to worry about getting kicked out like other scripts do. Takes less than two minutes to integrate your campaign with AP . It’s that easy! Compatible with 99% of Unix or Linux server. Doesn't work on Windows server. You Instantly Have The Cutting Edge Over Any Affiliate. You see, Affiliate Prophet is more than just affiliate tracking. It's the most accurate and robust keyword tool out there and can transform dying campaigns into profit-chugging money machines. Since other affiliates won't have access to the golden keywords or the top-converting landing pages, they'll just be shooting in the dark. You, on the other hand, will be working with real, reliable data that shows you exactly how to finagle the most possible money out of your affiliate programs. If this sounds complicated, I assure you it's not. You Just Copy & Paste. Affiliate Prophet Will Take Care Everything. It's That Easy! And yes, all this goldmine of information by simply copy & pasting a simple code on to your landing page! If you are making money already... say $1,000 a month you can still use Affiliate Prophet and transform it into $2,000 per month easily. Even if you haven't created a campaign yet, you can start with nothing and turn your campaigns into your own personal cash machines. Look at what happened with just ONE product when I ran one of my very first campaigns with the Affiliate Prophet The best part is that Affiliate Prophet does all the thinking for you. So all you have to is follow its instruction. And the money will roll into your bank. It's Embarassingly Simple And The Greenest Of Newbies Could Do It! And I hope you realize - I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg here. The benefits from using AIDA are enormous. You can test out copy, you can find hidden-gem keywords, you can save yourself tons of money with PPC.. "Is Affiliate Prophet Better than Conversion Prophet?" One of most frequenstly asked question was... "How is Affiliate Prophet different from Conversion Prophet?" Overall Affiliate Prophet is much more powerful than Conversion Prophet and does everything Conversion Prophet does. Plus Affiliate Prophet is much easier to use than Conversion Prophet. Here's a chart that summarizes Affiliate Prophet and Conversion Prophet. Google Analytics Conversion Prophet Affiliate Prophet AIDA tracking for immediate result. (10-100 times faster than normal ) Real time stat (24 hour delay) Tracks affiliate commission (without thank you code) Imports affiliate sales report Tracks Adwords Content Network traffic to website & keyword level Tracks bid keyword & searched keyword together Tracks profitabiliy of affiliate programs almost instantly Changes destination page of your affiliate link. Keyword filtering/research tool Locates words or phrase that triggers emotional hot button Track by countries Fancy charts and graphics You have control over your data Makes you money quickly Anyone Can Use This To Start Profiting Today... The Only Way To Fail Is By Not Taking Action Conversion Prophet enhances ANY marketing you apply it to - and sends your sales conversions through the roof. You can use Conversion Prophet to skyrocket your earnings with EVERY marketing method including... Google Cash Product Launch Formula Butterfly Marketing Bum Marketing PPC Affiliate Marketing SEO and Web 2.0 Traffic Generation And everything else Whatever you sell online, Affiliate Prophet will have it selling better by testing and optimizing your pages in 100 visitors or less. You're mind is likely racing with money making possibilites right now... Plus, I've created a seperate action guide exclusively for those who use Affiliate Prophet... Affiliate Prophet Has Made Me At Least $100,000 During the Past Year The time and money I spent creating and perfecting Affiliate Prophet for the past year and a half probably cost me at least $30,000 considering all the time I spent and work I did. But I tell you this. It was the best investment of my life because Affiliate Prophet has helped me to make at least $100,000 during the past year. If you use Affiliate Prophet regularly the value you will get will be well worth $100,000. The question is how much are you willing to invest? Obviously I'm not going to ask you to invest $30,000 for Affiliate Prophet like I did although it's worth more than that. Not even $3,000 but.... Call me crazy but I'm asking you only $97 ONE TIME! Yes you heard me right. I still sell Conversion Prophet at $354. Affiliate Prophet is a much more profitable tool. I hear from my friends and marketing buddies that I should charge at least $997. It was worth $100,000 for me. At $97 it's basically free considering what it can do for your business. But not for long. I'm doing this because I want to help people to succeed in internet marketing. I know how important your business is to your life. It's something that you and your family are depending on it. It can bring the freedom and lifestyle that you can dream of. But it also can be a prison and cause you frustrations and unhappiness if it doesn't go right. It's a serious business that you shouldn't take lightly. I truly want you to experience freedom and lifestyle you can only imagine now. Take action if you are serious because $97 is Not Going to Last Long and the price will be much higher very soon. But honestly, the price increase will be nothing compared to hundreds of dollars you could be losing if you don't use affiliate prophet. Click Here to Buy Affiliate Prophet I'm 100% confident that Affiliate Prophet will make you more money. So here's my personal guarantee... I'm taking all the risk for you. Actually I'm not taking any risk because I've tested this guarantee with a limited number of people (around 60) and only one person, who never installed the script, requested a refund. The bottom line is... If you use it, you will make more profit. It's simple as that. To your success, Creator of Conversion Prophet Peter Yoon Creator of Affiliate Prophet Server Requirements: 1. PHP Version 4 or higher 2. MYSQL Database 4 or higher 3. Unix or Linux Server (Not on Windows Server) 4. Zend Optimizer 99% of non-windows server meets the requirements above and should able to execute the script without any problem. Installations are limited to 3 times. Don't worry, even with one installation, you can manage unlimited number of campaigns and clicks across different domains and servers. The installation should be simple and stright forward. For only $10 you can have us installed on your server. Also Affiliate Prophet is NOT for a complete beginner. The tool is powerful but some features can be difficult for complete beginner to understand. You must at least know how to do the following... - Do a simple file transfer using FTP - Create a simple html file - Have your own domain name and a web hosting so you can display your page on a website P.S. Don't forget Affiliate Prophet is completely risk-free. You're completely, 100% covered by the Risk-Free Guarantee. You could be setting up $100/day campaigns in just minutes from now. P.P.S. A final reminder - One-time-price of $97 is peanuts compare to $100 you can easily be making everyday using Affiliate Prophet. But don't be surprised if you see a price increase when you come back next time. Click Here to Try Affiliate Prophet Completely Risk-Free What the Users Say About Affiliate Prophet I have looked at every single tracking solution out there and Affiliate Prophet blows them all When you first released Conversion Prophet. I loved the idea of being able to see the time tracking on a per keyword basis. I KNEW this would explode my profits because I could easily test websites without having to wait for them to convert! However, what you have done with Affiliate Prophet just takes my breath away. The ability to see the exact keyword match alone is worth 10x the price to me. I have looked at every single tracking solution out there and Affiliate Prophet blows them all away even the higher end products don't have some of the features of Affiliate Prophet. I don't do testimonials for many products, but your customer service (answering emails within 24 hours) and your amazing tracking system has made my life and my bank account so much happier - I couldn't say no to you Peter. C. the Internet Marketer http://www.trafficdynasty.com Information that I am getting from Affiliate Prophet is priceless Peter, I have been using Affiliate Prohpet for nearly a week now and I am amazed. This was the easiest piece of software that I have had to install. Now to set up a new campaign takes no time at all and the information that I am getting from Affiliate Prophet is priceless. As all experienced marketers know, testing is vital in making money online. But testing is costly. Expensive in clicks and expensive in time. Not anymore. I reckon I am now only spending 10% of the time and money I was before and getting a better result. Also, every time I asked you a question I had a rsponse within hours. This is a major plus for me and anyone else who is not a software genius. Peter, after using this product I think you are giving it away at the price you are charging. Affiliate Prophet is the one piece of software that can easily level the playing field between the novice and the Guru Nigel Maskery www.werecomend.com It has brought our opt-in rate from 3 or 4 a week to 3 or 4 a day Where do I start? WOW what a program! I am what most would consider a newbie to testing (less than 6 months) Everywhere I read anything from any successful marketer they all have at least this thing in common - TESTING. I didn’t want to waste my time learning al bunch of different testing programs so I did what anyone that didn’t know would do, I went to forums and asked. The common denominator & high recommendation always came back to Conversion Prophet. So I bought it and what a difference it has made! My wife & I run photography & photoshop workshops. I have a special landing page with opt-in just for that specific part of our business. CP let me know how effective my current landing page was. When I saw that I was under 70% of visitors staying more than 20 seconds, I tweaked my page & kept tweaking until I was well above 70%. That is just a tip of the iceberg on what this sofware does. It has brought our opt-in rate from 3 or 4 a week to 3 or 4 a day. I have been one of the beta testers for the new Affiliate Prophet and the additional tweaks & upgrades they have made has made it even more powerful. They listen to their users input! Thanks Peter ! Tony Mandarich MandarichMediaGroup.com For a affiliate marketer this software really is a must need to create successful campaigns I am working with AP every day and I just don't want to miss it. Peter has done a very great job with all the features and the easy to use interface. One of my favorite feature is AIDA split testing. You can setup this test in just a few minutes and it can boost your sales 200%. For a affiliate marketer this software really is a must need to create successful campaigns. Steffen Dietz It takes what at first appears to be a complicated process, and makes it childs play I've been using Affiliate Prophet for some time now and it takes what at first appears to be a complicated process, and makes it childs play. I now have complete control over my campaign keywords and detailed statistics of how these keywords are perfoming in order to seperate the wheat from the chaff. I can completely focus on high performing keywords that make me a profit, and lose the ones that are costing me money. Highy reccommended. Jeff Usher http://www.traffic-tactics.biz I will recommend this to everyone Dear Peter, I have nothing but praise for Affiliate Prophet and the service you have provided. Emailed you with a query close to midnight and within 20 minutes you emailed the answer and I was up and running again. Thanks for the Amazing software and service. I will recommend this to everyone. Can't praise it enough. Kind Regards Brian Hayward-Hughes Absolutely Over Delivers on Everything "Peter has really delivered an extremely effective visitor monitoring system in Affiliate Prophet, and it absolutely over delivers on everything that you could ever need when it comes to visitor tracking and site performance, and that really is only the beginning, as this software will do a lot more than just tracking" Nick Earl www.imniceguy.com Affiliate Prophet Added $1050 Per Month to My Income! After two weeks of running an Adwords campaign, I realized that I could be spending about $35 dollars in a daily basis. And I had no problem with that, anyway I was paying REALLY high per click to achieve a good quality score and I was making about $20 dollars a day from that campaign... I was more than breaking even on my first days, but now I'm making about $50-$55 dollars a day. And that without saying that I'm still paying high per click ($2 Per Click)... I can't imagine how good will It be when I start to lower my bids. Let me explain a little bit more about my experience: 1. Affiliate Prophet helped me to find lots of NEGATIVE keywords to add to my campaigns. (Before using this software, I was creating a Monthly report in Adwords to see wich keywords weren't related to my promotions and then added them to my negative keyword list)... Now I can add them the SAME single minute I detect them. - This feature saved me about $10 dollars a day in promotion. 2. I found keywords that wasn't converting at all... - Deleted them and I saved another $10 a day. 3. The tracking codes are easy to implement and to understand... and the IMPORTING feature now is easier than ever. (I'm running this campaign for a non product and I import my CSV reports easily). 4. The tracking by country feature has saved me yet MORE money, letting me to stop campaigns in the non performing countries and to improve my campaign in the most converting ones. - I have stopped one country that was "sucking" away about $10 dollars a day. ($10 SAVED daily). 3. The "Stats per hour" feature allowed me to determine which hours in the day are the best converting, and that made me save more money. - Another $5 dollars saved. Maybe the money I have saved with the help of Affiliate Prophet sounds like nothing, BUT It added $1050 per month to my income! Resuming... Without Affiliate Prophet: ************************************ Daily Promotion Costs : $100 USD Daily Comissions: $120 USD -------- Total Daily Profit: $20 USD ************************************ ***************************************** Projected Monthly costs: $3000 USD Projected Monthly Comissions: $3600 USD --------- Projected Monthly Total Profit: $ 600 USD ***************************************** After Affiliate Prophet: ************************************ Daily Promotion Costs : $65 USD Daily Comissions: $120 USD -------- Total Daily Profit: $55 ************************************ ******************************************* Projected Monthly costs: $1950 USD Projected Monthly Comissions: $3600 USD ---------- Projected Monthly Total Profit: $ 1650 USD ******************************************* Thanks for reading me. Affiliate Prophet ROCKS! ;). Eduardo Pizano Affiliate Marketer Mexico Thank you for helping me save 98% of my testing costs for every campaign I launched When I first saw the release of Conversion Prophet last year, I really thought, "Is this product really going to live up to its promises?" Anyway, never try, never know. Since there's a money-back guarantee, so why not give it a shot? Boy, was I really in for a treat! Little did I realize how important it is to time-track your website visitors, which is essentially what Conversion Prophet does. By categorizing visitors into 3 levels of interest based on time spent on my websites, I was very quickly able to split-test my landing pages and affiliate offers, to see what changes I had to make in order to keep my visitors spending more time on my website. Why more time? That's because... More time spent = More Interest = Higher chances of visitors BUYING what I was offering! And that is how Conversion Prophet PREDICTS your sales. Without CP, many of my campaigns would have required at least 50 sales or more for me just to know what changes I had to make to increase profits. Now with CP, I could get the same info after 50 visitors or so. See the difference here? Without CP, to make 50 sales at a conversion rate of 2%, you would need 2500 visitors! At a cost of $0.50/click, that would be $1250. With CP, after only 50 visitors to know how 'profitable' your campaign would be, that would only be $25. Thank you Pete, for helping me save 98% of my testing costs for every campaign I launched with Conversion Prophet! Christopher Lee The best software I have ever purcahsed This is the best software i have ever purcahsed. I never had success with PPC until i bought Affiliate Prophet. Really now i am able to build a profitable campaign in 24 hours with less than $50 adspend. I can not imagine doing PPC without Affiliate Prophet. Thank you Peter. Thanks for this wonderful creation. 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